On January 8th, 2011, a boy crossing Piney Forest Road as a pedestrian with his mother in Danville , Virginia (VA), was struck by a car. The accident occurred just before noon, when the pair was near the intersection of Woodside Drive . The boy was traveling east, crossing the southbound side of the road, when he was hit by the passenger side of a ’95 Buick car.

In addition to suffering two broken legs, the minor boy also sustained head injuries, which, fortunately, are not considered life threatening. The boy was taken to Danville Regional Medical Center and later, to Duke Medical Center . After a stay in the ICU, he is described as being in stable condition.  At press time, no charges were being filed against the driver of the car.

While we are glad this victim’s injuries are not life-threatening, this could easily have turned into an even more devastating car accident. In addition to the pain felt by the boy (and what his mother also had to go through), the effects of head injuries (brain injury) often do not make themselves known until weeks, or even months, after the initial damage is done.

If you sustain a serious head injury or brain injury, you may find yourself unable to accomplish tasks that you were once able to do with ease. You may need assistance cooking, cleaning, and running errands, to say nothing of holding down a job. In cases such as these, it is imperative to contact a knowledgeable attorney to discuss your legal options. You may be eligible to receive compensation for housekeeping services, wage replacement, and more.