A Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), woman lost her life on the morning of Nov. 28, 2012, after being hit by a pickup truck. She was struck within feet of her home while out walking her dog near the intersection of Dunning Lane and Eagle Pointe Lane.

The driver told authorities he did not see the victim before the accident. It is unclear whether he will face charges.

The Virginian-Pilot identified the deceased woman as 69-year-old Nancy Gray, who worked part-time as a bookkeeper for the Norfolk Federation of Teachers.


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The Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers’ Perspective

As random and inexplicable as this fatal pedestrian accident seems, it bears many similarities to other deadly crashes that have occurred in the past year in Chesapeake and neighboring cities. In September 2001, an SUV ran out of control in a Virginia Beach neighborhood and hit and killed a dog walker. Weeks later, in a wreck that also caused the loss of a life, a driver ran over a Chesapeake school crossing guard.

The later accident was blamed on sunlight temporarily blinding the at-fault driver. A similar explanation may emerge for this most recent tragedy, but no driver should ever be completely excused from responsibility for causing injuries or deaths if he or she becomes distracted or loses control behind the wheel.

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