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VA Car Accident Injury Lawyers: Pedestrian Fatally Struck on Way Home From Work

VA Pedestrian injury attorneyA fatal pedestrian accident occurred recently when a woman crossed the street and was hit by a vehicle. The driver fled the scene immediately. As unfortunate as this is, it happens more often than most people realize.  Federal data show that pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities have been at their highest nationwide levels in twenty years in 2015. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationalso reported that 72 percent of pedestrian fatalities occurred at nighttime.

The Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers Perspective

Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of the woman killed in this appalling accident. The thought of how this accident occurred makes me cringe. A hit and run involving a pedestrian is terrible, but fleeing the scene of the accident to avoid punishment is illegal and unforgivable. Despite how terrible it is to think a driver would flee the scene, it occurs far more often than you may think. It is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that nearly 1,000 pedestrians are killed by hit and run drivers each year equating to 18 percent of pedestrian deaths.

The family will want to contact and experienced Virginia (VA) wrongful death attorney with the tenacity to hold the driver accountable for their heinous actions. Each case has its own special facts but our personal injury attorneys are brilliantly equipped and have an excellent track record for similar cases. Previously we represented a husband and wife that were on their way to go hunting one morning when they were struck by a drunk driver. The driver of the striking vehicle fled the scene before police could arrive. Our personal injury lawyers conducted a very thorough investigation which revealed the defendant’s identity and were able to settle the case for a large sum.

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