A pedestrian was hit by a truck at the intersection of Lees Mill Drive and Warwick Boulevard in Newport News, Virginia (VA).

The victim who was hit by the truck was transported to a hospital where he passed away due to the severity of his injuries.

Newport News Police are reporting that the victim was walking from the Fort Eustis ramp onto southbound Warwick Boulevard when he was hit by a truck, according to hamptonroads.com.

The truck driver was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol – his third offense – and involuntary manslaughter. Yes, you read that correctly – the truck driver who took the life of an innocent pedestrian already had two DUI offenses on his record. 

This was an awful incident that probably could have avoided, if only the truck driver exercised more caution and did not get behind the wheel while intoxicated. The Virginia General Assemlby should look into changing the laws for people who have multiple DUI offenses on their record. The truck driver in this tragic situation probably should not have been allowed to have a drivers license, given his reckless actions while operating a motor vehicle.