What Happened

Late Sunday evening on January 6, 2013, a pedestrian lost her life when she was hit and killed in Charleston, West Virginia (WV).

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It was reported that the victim was walking back to Dunbar along route 21 between Chandler Drive and Washington Street West. She was hit by an oncoming car and rushed to the hospital with head injuries. Unfortunately, the woman succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

The West Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers’ Perspective

We humbly extend our deepest sympathies to the victim’s family. Just because the accident occurred at night does not exempt the at-fault driver from being held responsible. A confidential legal consultation with an experienced wrongful death attorney may be advisable. When a vehicle hits a pedestrian and results in serious, life-altering injuries or loss of life, there is a possibility of compensation for the damages that result. 

Walking at night is not a crime but it is wise to take precautions to assure that you are more visible and out of harm’s way. Try to wear bright colored or reflective clothing, wearing dark clothing will only blend you into the night. Think defensively and walk facing traffic, this allows you to see a vehicles head lights far before the driver sees you and will allow you time to react if necessary, if possible stick to well lit sidewalks and streets. You need to remember that you are an unexpected object at night; drivers do not expect pedestrians to be out walking. Anything you can do to catch the attention of a driver is worth doing.



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