If you hit a person with your car, would you stop? I would, most people would, well most people except for the female driver of a dark silver or gray Toyota Paseo who hit a woman in a Norfolk, Virginia (VA), crosswalk, police said.

A woman who was walking in a crosswalk was seriously injured by the hit-and-run driver Thursday morning at the intersection of Ingleside and Princess Anne roads, police said.

As a Virginia personal injury attorney it never ceases to amaze me that someone could be so callous. The driver did not stop and police are asking for help in finding her. The car will have damage to the front end, and the passenger side mirror will be missing.

Pedestrians who are hit by cars or trucks obviously have a much higher chance of being seriously injured or killed because they are not protected by the frame of a car or SUV.


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A pedestrian has the right-of-way when crossing a highway or street within any clearly marked crosswalk or at any regular pedestrian crossing at the end of a block; by the most direct route, at any intersection where the maximum speed limit is not more than 35 miles per hour.

Even more staggering is the statistic that pedestrian fatalities in single-vehicle crashes accounted for over 90 percent of the pedestrian fatalities from all motor vehicle crashes. This means out of every 10 pedestrians hit by a car, 9 of them died. Be sure to check out our free guide telling you what you need to know about car accidents in Virginia.