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Pedestrian Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver in Onslow Co., NC

Driving while impaired by alcohol appears to have led to the death of a pedestrian in Onslow County, North Carolina (NC), in the early morning hours of August 9, 2015. The fatal wreck occurred on Ramsey Road, north of Jacksonville, sometime between midnight and 1 am.



The deceased victim was struck near a bar on the rural road, and police who responded to the crash scene have filed preliminary DWI charges against the woman behind the wheel of the car involved. The driver reportedly had a blood alcohol content of .10, higher than the legal limit for intoxication while driving.

Statistics show that drunk driving has decreased among all people over the past decade, but this tragedy highlights the sad reality that even one person under the influence on the road is all it takes to cause a needless loss of life. No person planning to drink should ever drive his or her own vehicle to a bar. Even more importantly, no one who has been drinking should ever drive home. Too much alcohol blurs vision, clouds judgment and slows reflexes. Spotting someone walking along or standing beside a country highway during the darkest part of the night and then responding appropriately could be impossible for an inebriated driver.

Many Americans have recognized these dangers and changed their behaviors by setting down their keys after picking up a drink. Every driver must make that safe and responsible choice.


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