A man crossing Military Cutoff Road in Wilmington, North Carolina (NC), was struck and killed by an unidentified driver on the night of October 11, 2014. The fatal hit-and-run collision occurred near the Harris Teeter grocery store, and news reports indicate the victim had been pushing a shopping cart at the time of the accident.



Police do not have a good description of the vehicle involved in the deadly crash. The best witnesses could do was tell investigators that the car was a sedan with a delivery sign attached to its roof. Anyone with more information, especially about a dark car used to make deliveries that has extensive, unexplained damage to its front end, to contact authorities by calling (910) 343-3600,

The highway where the pedestrian lost his life runs through a mostly residential area built up behind a large shopping center. The pavement is not marked by crosswalks, but drivers who use the road frequently should probably know to expect to see people crossing on foot. Because the at-fault motorist has no yet been located, we cannot know whether he or she spotted the man they hit before colliding and then fleeing the scene.

My Carolina wrongful death victim attorney colleagues and I know that few things are tougher to deal with than learning that a loved one has been killed as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness. Not being able to hold the person who was at fault legally and financially accountable makes that situation even more difficult to handle. We hope the driver is located quickly.