Pedestrian Killed in Railroad Crossing Accident; Neglect at Crossing?

While they may seem innocuous, railroad crossings are very dangerous -- whether they are located at a busy downtown intersection like in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), or at a remote country lane in Norcross, Georgia (GA). It was in Norcross where a couple who was just trying to cross the rail to grab a bite to eat when they suffered a tragic loss. The man managed to get out of the way, but the woman was struck and killed by the train.

There isn't much information about the accident or whether there were any active warning signals where the accident occurred. As a Virginia railroad and FELA attorney, I have worked with many clients who have been injured or had loved ones killed at railroad crossings.  

Railroads would like you to believe that each and every accident that occurs is not their fault, but instead the fault of the motorist or pedestrian struck by a train. How realistic is that?  Not very. 

Personal injuries and deaths occur at public railroad crossing frequently
and many different federal regulations specify the duties and responsibilities of railroad crews and the warnings that must be provided by a railroad to cars or trucks crossing railroad tracks. 

Our firm has been proud to help families harmed by railroad companies' neglect and wrongdoing at grade crossings in Virginia and beyond. To read more, please order our free guide What Railroad Claim Agents Won't Tell You (But You Must Know).


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