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Pedestrian Killed on NC Highway

A pedestrian was killed in Elizabeth City, North Carolina (NC), after stepping into the roadway of the US 17 Bypass. The woman was killed at 6:30 am after being struck by a 2006 Lexus heading north. The investigation of the accident is still ongoing. Police are questioning how this accident occurred, as no houses or businesses are around for miles.

Still, in a tough economy where people are relying more and more on walking rather than driving, and a pedestrian walking along a busy roadway is not unheard of. Toxicology reports are pending, and will hopefully provide some answers for authorities. Sadly, this is the second accident on this stretch of highway in the past few months. In July, a man walking in the road was struck by a police officer. He was killed at around 3:00 am.

This pair of accidents is certainly unsettling. Whether your car has run out of gas or you're simply pulled over to change drivers on a long road trip, getting out of the vehicle on an interstate is dangerous. Sometimes it's a necessity, but if you need to stop, always try to make it to the nearest rest area. Drivers are simply unprepared to deal with pedestrians at the high speeds expected on freeways.

As a car accident attorney, I know the early hour could indicate some level of distraction in the driver, as most people are fairly tired at that time of day. Whatever the cause of this horrific accident, our thoughts are with the victim's family and loved ones.


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