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Pedestrian Killed While Searching for Cell Phone

Tragic accidents often occur in the most mundane of moments, and we can never truly anticipate them. That's what one North Carolina accident is reminding of us all today. A 31-year-old woman stopped at a gas station to fill up and grab a snack. She chatted on her cell phone to her boyfriend while in the store, pausing only to pump her gas. She placed her cell phone on top of her car as she pumped, and got back in the car to drive away. Realizing she'd left her phone on the hood of the car, the woman pulled over on U.S. 421. Police say she was looking for the cell phone when a pickup truck came out of nowhere, striking and killing the woman. Just a minute and a half after she had finished pumping gas, she'd been killed.

We've all been guilty of absent-mindedly leaving our keys or cell phones in odd places. The tragedy of this accident is that it so obviously could happen to any of us at any time. Our thoughts go out to the victim's family and loved ones. This is most certainly a tragic time for them.

No matter how quickly you think you'll be, avoid crouching, kneeling, or even walking along busy highways. With drivers traveling at high speeds, it is difficult for them to slow down in time to avoid hitting people in the roadway. A cell phone or other personal item may seem like it is worth the risk at the time, but your safety should never be compromised.


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