What Happened

A pedestrian was struck by an SUV while walking down a West End road on March 11, 2013 in Henrico County.

The accident took place at the intersection of Hungary Road and Fairlake Lane. The SUV was headed in the southbound direction when it hit the pedestrian and caused life threatening injuries. After the collision the driver of the SUV swerved to the left and smashed into a fence and sustained personal injuries. The initial police investigation states there was another pedestrian who was unharmed, and that the pedestrian hit was walking in the southbound lane along the edge of the road.

Police are still investigating the accident and continue to look for further details.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Our thoughts are with the victim and we hope they are able to make a full recovery. The family of the victim should contact a Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyer familiar with pedestrian law as soon as possible to get a legal analysis of their rights. If it can be proven that the driver of the vehicle acted negligently it becomes possible to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation for the pedestrian’s injuries, medical expenses, and possible pain and suffering. When choosing an attorney the family members should consider a lawyer that has an excellent track record of defending pedestrians and a great knowledge of pedestrian and crosswalk laws. The faster the family contacts a lawyer the quicker a lawyer can investigate the scene of the accident and gather evidence. Waiting to contact a lawyer will only reduce the strength of a possible claim and could possibly not allow a claim to be filed at all if the statute of limitations is exceeded. With over 100 years combined legal experience our Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyers have helped many victims receive the proper restitution they deserve for their injuries.

Potentially Helpful Info:

Walking at night is not a crime but is very dangerous and it is wise to take precautions to assure that you are more visible and out of harm’s way. Try to wear bright colored or reflective clothing, wearing dark clothing will only blend you into the night. Think defensively and walk facing traffic, this allows you to see a vehicles head lights far before the driver sees you and will allow you time to react if necessary, if possible stick to well lit sidewalks and streets. You need to remember that you are an unexpected object at night; drivers do not expect pedestrians to be out walking. Anything you can do to catch the attention of a driver is worth doing.

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