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Pedestrians Injured by Driver Who Ran Onto Arlington Sidewalk

Two female pedestrians wound up hospitalized when a driver ran up onto a sidewalk in Arlington, Virginia (VA). The crash happened at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Clarendon Boulevard on the afternoon of October 4, 2016.



One of the injured pedestrians was legally in the crosswalk when the out-of-control driver struck her. The second victim became pinned against the wall of a cafe and partially trapped under the SUV. Both women were taken to hospitals but are expected survive.

Witnesses described the driver as looking "intoxicated," "disoriented" and "confused." Police did not release information on the suspected cause of the crash, but they did take the driver into custody.

Regardless of whether the driver who hit and hurt the pedestrians was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, his victims should have strong cases for holding him accountable for paying compensation and damages. A driver has a high legal duty to maintain control of his vehicle at all times. 

All accounts -- including traffic camera video referenced in news reports -- show that this driver failed to yield right of way to a person using a crosswalk, as Virginia law requires, and then ran off the road. Because the driver's negligence or recklessness is readily apparent, he should be responsible for the injured pedestrians' medical bills and other damages.


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