Intersection car crashes are, unfortunately, a very common occurrence.  Half of all car wrecks on roads in urban areas take place at an intersection and 30 percent of all car crashes on rural roads are intersection accidents. Nine percent of these wrecks result in a driver getting killed, according to

A recent example of the risks associated with intersections took place at the intersection of Matthews Road and Trifalia Road in Florence County, South Carolina (SC). Regina Yarborough was traveling in her SUV down Matthews Road when a pickup failed to yield the right of way at the intersection. As a result, the truck and the SUV slammed into each other. Tragically, Mrs. Yarborough died at the scene, according to  This was a terrible accident and my heart goes out to the family of Mrs. Yarborough.

Even if an intersection accident is not fatal, very serious injuries can occur in one of these wrecks. Our firm has experience handling these types of serious car accident cases. For example, we represented a client when their vehicle was struck from the left side by another vehicle attempting to cross the street causing a cervical and lumbar sprain. We took this case to trial and were able to receive an acceptable jury verdict to help cover our client’s medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Here are some tips to follow when you are at an intersection:

  • Be patient and cautious
  • Do not try to beat the oncoming traffic when making the turn at the intersection
  • Always use your blinker to indicate you’re turning
  • Do not look down or get distracted when approaching an intersection