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Chesapeake, VA Personal Injury Attorney Reports: Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Caught on Camera

When elderly loved ones develop health issues we can no longer help them with, we often turn to nursing homes, assisted living communities and senior living facilities to care for them. Sadly, many of the employees at these facilities have been known to abuse their residents. After suspecting abuse, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), woman decided to set up a secret camera in her mother's room at a senior living facility. Negligence and abuse caught on the tape led to the arrest of three Quadrangle Sunrise Senior Living facility employees.

Now, the family is suing the Sunrise company, which owns and operates more than 300 facilities in three different countries. They claim that the company failed to properly train their employees. The lawsuit also claims that Sunrise facilities are understaffed, and violate state regulations. Since the arrests of the employees, the facility's license has been revoked. Still, the senior living facility will remain open while they appeal the action.

Though the lawsuit seeks more than $50,000 in damages, the family claims it's awareness they want, not money. Many families of other patients have thanked the family for exposing this negligence. "This is a case where we want to find out what happened . . . and make sure it doesn't happen again," the family's lawyer Robert J. Mongeluzzi told

Stories about nursing home abuse like this one are sadly all too common. If you have a loved one living in a senior care facility, it's important to stay vigilant to signs of abuse. Bruises, weight loss, and bed sores are all signs of negligence. Talk to your loved one about the care they're receiving. Discussing and listening to the signs that abuse or negligence may be occurring is of utmost importance.


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