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Pickup Driver Hits Elementary School Student Exiting Bus

An 8-year-old elementary school student in Cumberland County, North Carolina (NC), wound up hospitalized with severe injuries to her legs, one arm and one hand after a pickup truck driver struck her as she exited her bus on the afternoon of December 8, 2016. The pedestrian crash happened near the intersection of Highway 210 and Ingram Road in the community of Roseboro.



Reports indicate that the school bus driver activated the vehicle's flashers and extended the stop sign before opening the doors to let students exit. The man in the pickup either ignored the signals or failed to look up to see them and attempted to pass the bus. Police charged that man with a felony for failure to stop for a school bus discharging students.

Highway 210 is a two-lane road where the pickup driver hit and hurt the young girl. Both drivers following the school bus and drivers approaching from the opposite direction would need to have stopped to allow all the kids to get off the bus and reach their homes safely. Because one person failed to do so, an 8-year-old will spend several days in a hospital bed and her family will be saddled with large medical bills.

No matter how the criminal charge against the at-fault pickup driver is resolved, he should be forced to settle insurance claims and, possibly, pay monetary damages for the physical pain and financial difficulties he inflicted. Working with an experienced Carolina personal injury lawyer will help the injured girl's parents make sure that happens. 


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