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Pickup Driver Pulling Out of Driveway Hits, Kills Motorcyclist

A South Carolina motorcycle rider lost his life after being struck by a pickup pulling out of a private driveway in Greenville County. The fatal collision happened near the intersection of Halton Road and Heywood Road at around 8 am on October 3, 2016. The pickup driver was behind the wheel of a warehousing company vehicle.



Highway Patrol troopers told reporters that the pickup driver caused the deadly pull out accident. He has been cited with failing to yield right of way to the motorcyclist and may face other charges. The company that employs the at-fault driver could also bear some responsibility for setting the stage for the crash if it sent him out with insufficient training, defective equipment or too little rest between driving shifts.

The immediate problem -- "proximate cause," in legalese -- of this fatality appears to be the pickup driver's negligence in watching out for and respecting the motorcycle rider. The driver may have failed to check his blind spot or simply misjudged the biker's speed and distance. The safest actions would have been taking extra time to check and recheck for an approaching vehicle and to err on the side of caution before exiting the driveway. Doing these things would have taken a few seconds; they also likely would have saved a life.


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