A twin-engine Cessna T303 Crusader crashed into a house in Louisa, Virginia (VA). The pilot, named James A. Youngquist, died as a result, according to the Associated Press. Youngquist was a resident of Reston, Virginia (VA), according to godanriver.com

I want to send my deepest sympathies to Mr. Youngquist’s family. I’ve had the chance to operate an airplane and am always saddened to hear about a fellow pilot losing their life.

This airplane accident comes on the heels of another fatal plane crash which occurred in Maryland (MD) and involved a plane crashing into a home.

The Virginia (VA) airplane, which departed from Manassas and was headed for Danville, crashed into a house located at 128 Jefferson Highway. The impact was so strong that flames inundated both the house and the airplane, according to wsls.com. 

The details of the accident are unknown at this time. All we know is that the plane wrecked moments after it refueled at the Louisa County airport. The Cessna was nearly 30 years old, a mechanical problem could have contributed to the accident. A problem with the fuel gauge or other fueling component may have had problems given the sudden problems so soon after the refueling. But we’ll wait and see what the National Transportation Safety Boards accident report reveals.