Pit Bull Mixes Attack Children, Hospitalize 1 in Norfolk, VA

"Dog bites man," the old newspaper line goes, "isn't much of story." Try telling that to victims of dog attacks, however.

Two children and two adults living in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), now know firsthand how serious getting set upon by dogs can be. After three pit bull mixes escaped from their yard on Johnston Road in the Chesapeake Gardens section of the city on the evening of March 30, 2015, the animals injured multiple people in at least three separate instances. Victims and witnesses shared their story with WAVY-TV 10 in the video below:



A 10-year-old sustained the worst injuries and needed to be transported the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters for treatment. All the dog bite sufferers are expected to survive their scratches, bruises and bites.

Predictably, the animals' owners described the dogs as loving pets with no history of violence. While that may be true, any dog can bite, and the resultant scars and trauma can last for months or years. According to a ranking compiled by the Daily Beast, the second-most vicious dog is the seemingly serene and unflappable chow chow. Even Labrador retrievers have killed humans.

As animals, of course, dogs cannot cover the medical expenses that result from their bites. Pet owners bear liability, and homeowner's insurance policies generally make provisions for injuries caused by dogs. Filing and collecting on such claims can prove difficult, however, as dog owners can argue that victims provoked dogs into attacking. Speaking with an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer to schedule a free consultation can help dog bite victims avoid suffering financially in addition to physically.


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