According to Pitt County authorities, two pickup trucks slammed into each other sending both drivers to Pitt Memorial Hospital for their injuries. Police indicated that the head-on collision happened on Hanrahan Road near White Line Road close to the town of Ayden, North Carolina (N.C.).

pick up crash Ayden, North CarolinaUpon arriving at the crash, first responder crews described the scene: one of the drivers outside of his truck which was on fire. Police reported that the driver of the other pickup truck was pinned inside and had to be rescued by pulling him out of the wreckage.

It still is not entirely clear who is to blame and exactly how the collision transpired. Indications are that 30 yr old George Harrington was driving the black truck and 41 yr old Keith Cox was in the white truck. East Care helicopter came to the scene; however, authorities decided to transport the drivers by ground to the hospital.

Frequently, the cause of lane-departure head-on collisions are driver distraction, sudden swerving to avoid debris or a stopped vehicle, falling asleep at the wheel, or unsafe passing.  Countless are the reasons a driver can become distracted, including texting and driving, talking on the cell phone, e-mailing on a blackberry, paying attention to children or other passengers, eating, and poor visibility due to sun or weather conditions. Obviously, drunk driving and driving under the influence can contribute to a driver losing control of their vehicle, drifting into oncoming traffic and striking a car head-on.  Our law firm has authored several special free safety reports, one is on distracted driving, and another has to do with car accidents involving uninsured or poorly insured drivers.