Plane Crash Leaves Two Men Alive but Badly Burnt | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

When the pilot of the twin engine Beechcraft Baron, George Maddox from Laurel, Md., went to land his plane about halfway down the runway in Teterboro, N.J., something told him to back out and try again without communicating a distress call to anybody. The plane flew over power lines and traffic lights before crashing into a tree and a large sign. As a result, the plane was torn into two pieces and caught fire.

A man sitting in his car at a traffic light heard the crash and ran to see if he could help. On his way to the scene of the crash, he came across the two burning men. These individuals were the pilot and co-pilot. Both were alive, talking, and suffering serious burns. Maddox suffered a broken wrist and 20-to-30 percent of his body was covered in burns.

My colleague, Jim Lewis, has written extensively about airplane crash accidents, so our firm is familiar with the subject.  

Imagine if the tree and large sign the plane hit weren’t there. The airplane crash could have injured, or killed, a lot more people than just the two men that were burned. However, If the pilot radioed in a distress call, he could have received some assistance for trying to land the plane again, saving himself and the copilot from suffering the serious burns.

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