Beauty may only be skin deep, but many people who have opted for cosmetic surgery have paid the ultimate price. A young beauty queen died in Ecuador after undergoing liposuction surgery that she had received as a prize, her family said, calling the operation a case of medical malpractice.   Patients seeking to reduce deposits of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise often turn to liposuction to enhance body contour.  By law, a surgeon should not remove over 12% of fat at one time. 

As Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyers we know that liposuction has long been considered in medical circles as one of the most dangerous forms of plastic surgery. Regardless of the duration of the procedure or the technique with which it is executed, any patient opting for liposuction exposes themselves to certain amount of risk. A recent research study by two prominent plastic surgeons in California confirmed that the estimated rate of death from liposuction surgery was 1 in 5000, approximately 20 times higher than any other type of elective cosmetic surgery.

Finding an experienced plastic surgeon with good reviews by prior patients is the first step to insuring a safe surgery.  Some doctors who are not trained to be plastic surgeons try to perform these type of surgeries in order to make more profit.  Take for instance, a doctor who had his license to practice medicine in North Carolina revoked indefinitely after ten different medical malpractice claims were filed against him. This doctor trained to be an ear, nose, and throat doctor. However, he had been performing plastic surgeries on patients, many of which have led to permanent damage

Plastic surgery errors can lead to serious injuries and emotional damage, including scarring, infections, deformities, nerve damage, and even permanent disabilities or death.