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Police Believe Alcohol Involved in Fatal I-85 Crash

Was alcohol a factor in a fatal crash that occurred on Interstate 85 south in Hillsborough, North Carolina Tuesday afternoon? Police believe it was and charges are pending against the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident.

According to information released by the N.C. State Highway Patrol, a van, occupied by the driver and a passenger, was seen driving recklessly down the highway before it ran off the right side of the road and struck the rear of a tractor trailer which was stopped on the shoulder of the road. The van continued to travel down the road, hitting a Toyota pickup truck. The van hit the pickup with such force, the truck overturned.

The passenger of in the van was killed instantly and pronounced dead at the scene. The van’s driver, as well as the driver of the Toyota pickup, were transferred to Duke Hospital. Police say both drivers were being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The fatal accident caused traffic to be backed up for over seven miles for several hours, as police closed off both sides of the highway.

Despite the repeated warnings and extensive education, people still make the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after they have been drinking – and far too often there are tragic consequences to that decision.

Every 45 minutes, someone is killed in an alcohol-related car crash in this country. That is more than 11,000 lives lost every year. More than 11,000 families who lose a loved one because of a drunk driver.

Our North Carolina wrongful death firm understands that there is no amount of money that can ever make up for that loss, but we also understand that in addition to the immeasurable emotional loss, there are often huge financial expenses which families are often forced to deal with, such as medical costs involved in trying to save their loved one’s life and funeral and burial expenses. There is also the potential loss of income, especially if the victim killed in the N.C. drunk driving accident had young children to support. Our personal injury law firm has successfully represented many N.C. victims’ families, as well as survivors of drunk driving accidents, in receiving the compensation they deserve.

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