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Police Catch Hanover Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident Driver

The driver of a hit-and-run pedestrian accident in Hanover, VA has been apprehended by police and faces multiple charges. The 23-year-old driver, who lives in Rockville, is accused of leaving the victim for dead, laying in a ditch, after he drove into her.

According to reports from the Hanover Sheriff's Office, the 42-year-old victim, who is the wife of a Richmond police officer, was out for a morning run at the17200 block of Dunns Chapel Road around 7 a.m. The driver, who was traveling eastbound in a 2010-2015 red Toyota RAV 4, slammed his vehicle into the victim. He then sped off without calling for help for the victim. She was found by a bicyclist, who called police at 7:13 am.

The victim, a veterinarian, was transported to VCU Medical, where she was listed in critical condition. Authorities have not released details of the serious injuries she sustained in the crash.

Pieces of the RAV 4 were left at the scene, which helped police to identify the vehicle. Investigators knew the car would have heavy damage to the front driver's side from hitting the victim, and the driver’s side view mirror had also been found at the accident location.

Hours later, police found the vehicle and later determined that the owner of the car had been driving it at the time the hit-and-run accident occurred. They arrested the man and charged him with felony hit and run and reckless driving. He is currently out on bond.

During a search of the car, police found multiple items of drug paraphernalia, as well as Xanax pills, and other pills they had not identified to the public. The driver told police he thought he had hit a deer and that was why he sped off and did not stop.

The victim faces a long recovery. Members of the community have announced a fundraising campaign to help assist the victim in her family with medical costs and other expenses caused by the accident.

Although the driver in this case has been criminally charged, the victim and her family should also contact an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney to find out what legal recourse they may have against the driver for her pain and loss.

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