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NC Car Accident Injury Attorneys: Police Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

The best NC distracted driving injury attorneysAs NC car accident injury attorneys we applaud the North Carolina state troopers who are cracking down on distracted drivers.  Reports say that distracted drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Drivers can face stiff fines if caught texting while driving.  Every year, more than 3,000 people are killed and another 420,000 people are injured in car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Texting and driving has been illegal in Virginia since 2009. Last year, the state passed a law that made the activity a primary offense, meaning it is something that police can actually pull you over for, like they can for running a stop sign or speeding.  Often times car accidents are caused by a driver not paying attention to driving.  Police want people to put away their devices while driving and just stay focused on the road.

“Essentially it takes only a couple of seconds to look away and next thing you know you’re in an accident or you’re off the road…you never know who you’re going to hit it could be a family, it could be anybody it could be your family," Said one officer.

Police are determined to crack down on motorists who are texting while driving. Troopers are now working in teams and are on the lookout for drivers who are guilty of distracted driving.  While one officer is driving an unmarked car, the other officer will be watching drivers in other vehicles to see if they are texting or engaged in other forbidden activity. If the team sees a driver violating the law, the officer who is not driving will attempt to photograph the driver before the officers pull the vehicle over.


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