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Police Hit Virginia Roads For Crash Prevention on Holidays

A majority of Virginians will hit the road at some point during holidays – and so do a large number of Virginia State Police officers. To keep our highways and interstates safe during the busiest travel times of the year, police throughout the state patrol roads and are on the lookout for unsafe driving, speeding, and drunk driving around holidays.

Called Operation CARE – that stands for Combined Accident Reduction Effort – state police join forces with local departments to put extra patrol cars on the roads. This year they started on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and ended on Sunday.

While some might see the extra police presence as a bad thing, it is important to remember that Operation CARE is designed to prevent accidents during the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road. Extremely high volumes of traffic, higher numbers of drunk drivers, and higher rates of stressed and tired drivers means a greater potential for serious Virginia car accidents and injuries. More police on the roads will simply save lives and prevent accidents.

Have you been injured in a Virginia car accident while traveling for the holidays – or during any time of the year? Be sure to speak with a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney who can analyze the evidence of your case and explain your legal options.
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