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Portsmouth, VA Police Officer Suffers Head Injury in Rear-End Collision

A Portsmouth, Virginia (VA), police office suffered head, neck and back injuries when his cruiser was struck from behind by a van on Frederick Boulevard during the afternoon of September 30, 2014. According to reports, the law enforcement official was slowing in order to pull over to the side of the road to help another motorist whose vehicle had broken down.



The woman behind the wheel of the van also required medical treatment because she complained of chest pains that had begun prior to the collision. Despite the claimed medical emergency, charges may be filed against her. A possibility in this case would be failing to reduce speed and change lanes when approaching an emergency responder. The lights and siren on the cruiser were engaged at the time of the crash.

 Reporters described the officer's head injuries as "minor," most likely because he did not suffer a skull fracture. As a Virginia personal injury lawyer who has helped many people who incurred closed head injuries during accidents caused by other drivers, I know that any blow to the head or the sudden snapping back and forth that occurs during most rear-end collisions can result in a concussion or traumatic brain injury. That is as much to say that no head injury should ever be dismissed as minor. Concussion symptoms can persist for months or years, and TBIs can leave individuals disabled for life.

I offer my best wishes for a full and rapid recovery go out to the injured police officer.


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