Portsmouth, VA Woman Killed by DUI Driver Who Ran Red Light

A DUI crash in the predawn hours of September 18, 2015, left one woman dead and the at-fault driver facing multiple serious criminal charges. Portsmouth, Virginia (VA), emergency responders learned of the deadly collision between a pickup truck and a car at the intersection of Portsmouth Boulevard and Effingham Street at 4:20 am.



According to news reports, the deceased victim was making a left-hand turn to get onto George Washington Parkway when she was struck by a speeding driver who ran a red light. The impact caused the woman's car to roll over several times. She was transported to a hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

Police subsequently charged the at-fault driver with driving under the influence and involuntary manslaughter. Whether those offenses land him in jail or subject him to other penalties, he must be held accountable financially for causing a wrongful death. It cannot be determined from reports on the wreck whether the man who hit and inflicted critical injuries on the woman in the car has insurance. If he does, securing a settlement for compensation and damages should be possible, if not exactly uncomplicated.

If, as often happens, the at-fault DUI/DWI driver is uninsured or underinsured, he may not have the resources required to compensate his victim's family. Filing a civil lawsuit against him for the amount he is able to pay while also pursuing claims against the victim's own auto insurance policy could make sense.

An experienced and caring Virginia wrongful death attorney will be able to assist the family with weighing these options and taking the best course of action.

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