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Portsmouth, VA Woman Killed in Collision With 18-Wheeler

A 70-year-old woman who had just moved from Portsmouth, Virginia (VA), died at the scene of the accident after colliding with an 18-wheeler in North Carolina. According to the Virginian-Pilot, the woman was driving a Toyota Corolla when she turned in front of a truck hauling concrete mix. The driver of the truck also suffered injuries. Authorities say the woman was wearing a seat belt and speed was not a factor in the crash.

As a personal injury attorney, I know this is a sad and confusing time for the victim's family. My thoughts go out to everyone involved.

Because the accident is still being investigated, it's difficult to know why the crash happened. Commercial truck drivers are typically highly trained, skilled, patient drivers. When accidents do occur, however, the incidents are typically catastrophic and trucking company claims adjusters are frequently more annoying than helpful..Shockingly, 98 percent of accidents involving semi trucks result in at least one fatality. Not surprisingly, 90 percent of trucking accidents are caused by or made worse by human error, either on the behalf of the truck driver, other drivers, passengers or cyclists on the road.

We'll have to wait for the authorities to fully investigate the accident to know who was at fault, but we can all agreethat a tragedy certainly occurred in North Carolina.

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