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Predawn Head-On in Chesapeake Seriously Injures Driver

One person suffered serious injuries and the at-fault driver died in an early morning head-on collision in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA). The deadly crash occurred at 4 am on July 26, 2015, just past the intersection of S. Military Highway and Willis Street.



Few details on what caused the deceased driver to cross the center line of the highway. Considering the time of the fatal wreck, investigators will have to look into whether the person who ran into the path of oncoming traffic had fallen asleep at the wheel. So-called drowsy driving sets the stage for thousands of crashes on U.S. roads each year. Controlling one's vehicle becomes impossible when the eye's close and the grip on the steering wheel slips.

Other explanations could include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, becoming distracted by a smartphone and experiencing a medical emergency that did not involve excessive fatigue. Each situation would make staying in the correct lane difficult or impossible.

One question also likely to arise for the victim who survived with major injuries is whether he or she will be able to file insurance claims for medical costs, lost wages and other crash-related expenses. Giving a precise answer is not possible without knowing much more about the precise cause of the accident, as well as the circumstances of the at-fault driver and victim. Generally, however, insurance policies remain in effect for drivers who lose their lives in wrecks until all investigations financial matters related to the incident get resolved.

Finding more specific answers will be possible by consulting with an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer.


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