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Pregnant Woman Injured in Car Wreck

VA car accident injury attorneyA pregnant woman, infant and man suffered injuries in a car accident that occurred on I-10, near 39th Avenue in Arizona (AZ). The injured victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment. The car crash reportedly involved multiple vehicles.  Let's hope the pregnant woman's injury did not adversely affect her unborn baby. It is not uncommon for a car accident involving a pregnant woman to lead to early induced labor due to the stress and fright associated with the car crash.

Even if labor is not induced, the tremendous amount of distress and frustration that a soon-to-be mother can go through is an experience no one should have to suffer through.  I, unfortunately, have first-hand experience in this area. I was involved in a car wreck while pregnant. I was lucky and my child was not harmed. Though, let me tell you, from the period between the wreck and when I finally got the good word that my baby was okay, was one of the most difficult and anxious times of my life.

For any pregnant woman who is involved in a car accident that was not their fault, keep in mind that the tremendous amount of stress you go through warrants compensation. This is especially true if you are prematurely induced due to the stress. To learn more, feel free to give me a call and also take a look at this case settlement that was I was able to secure for a woman who was hurt in a car accident while pregnant.



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