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Pregnant Woman Injured in Louisiana (LA) Car Accident; Unborn Baby Killed

Drunk driving is dangerous and irresponsible. Everyone knows that. Driving drunk with a pregnant woman in the car is exponentially worse.

On July 7, 2011, an 18-year-old driver who shouldn't have been drinking in the first place made a deadly choice when she choose to drive while drunk. She crashed her car into a tree on Stein Road in Sun, Louisiana (LA), and injured her passengers, including a pregnant woman who was nearly full term.

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Tragically, the injured woman lost her baby. As a mother and Virginia car crash attorney who was the victim of a car accident while pregnant, my heart goes out to her. This drunk driver may now be charged with feticide.

What can this grieving mother do to recover from the death of her unborn baby? For starters, she can talk to an experienced attorney as her baby's death becomes part of her own personal injury claim. We know that no amount of money could ever come close to healing the deep wounds this accident left, but perhaps the mother will be able to recover from her injuries and this will give her time to grieve and heal.

Most car accidents that involve pregnant woman don't end with the death of the unborn baby, automobile crashes can cause serious injuries to fetuses. If you have any questions about being in a car accident while pregnant, please view our injured while pregnant resources.


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