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VA Truck Accident Injury Attorneys: Preventing Motorcycle & Tractor-Trailer Collisions

VA motorcycle accident injury case resultsRecently in Fairfax, Virginia a motorcycle rider was killed by a tractor-trailer that struck him on I-95. Sadly, motorcycle and truck collisions are often deadly or at the very least result in serious injury. How can you prevent truck and motorcycle collisions—and truck and motorcycle accident fatalities? 

  • Know trucker blind spots. A large percentage of truck and bike collisions take place because the trucker simply didn’t see the motorcycle. You must realize that you are low to the ground and small in comparison to other vehicles. At the same time, trucks have large blind spots, especially directly behind and directly in front of their vehicle. 
  • Speed kills. Speeding is a dangerous decision for any biker, but it is even more dangerous when there are big-rigs on the road. Large trucks can’t stop quickly or maneuver well—and they may be traveling at slower speeds than the rest of traffic. These facts can lead to deadly crashes when motorcycles speed. 
  • Wear your helmet. If you slam into a truck, or if a truck slams into you, there is nothing between the vehicle and your head—unless you are wearing a helmet, that is. While some truck and bike collisions are so catastrophic that helmets do not prevent fatalities, helmets have been shown to reduce deadly crashes by 40 percent. 

As VA motorcycle accident injury attorneys we know that sometimes there is nothing a motorcycle operator can do to avoid an accident.  In those cases it is best to contact an experienced motorcyle accident injury lawyer that has proven case results.



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