This week we are covering the tragic story of a volunteer fire fighter who lost his life in a one-vehicle fire truck accident in Bloxom. Sadly, crashes involving fire trucks and other emergency vehicles rushing to the scene of an accident are all too common in Virginia. While some of these collisions can’t be prevented, others are caused by the other drivers on the road. In this blog post, we will review what you should and shouldn’t do when you see an emergency vehicle approaching.

  • Don’t drive distracted—ever. If you are driving distracted, you may never see or hear an emergency vehicle approaching. Keep your ears and eyes on the road: do not talk on your cell phone, listen to loud music, or zone out.
  • Stay calm. When you see emergency vehicles whizzing toward you, it can be a natural reaction to panic. Instead, stay calm and pull over to the first safe spot you find. Don’t turn or brake suddenly.
  • Look for other vehicles. When you see one emergency vehicle or fire truck, it’s likely that more are coming—and perhaps from different directions. Be on the lookout for other fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars after you see one.
  • Don’t block pathways. Never stop in an intersection or in front of a turnout, because you may be blocking the path of an approaching emergency vehicle.
  • Slowly merge back into traffic. After the vehicles pass, it is not a race to get back on the road. Put on your turn signal and gradually make your way back into traffic. 

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