Spinal Cord Injury Victim in VA Slowly Regaining Semblance of Former Life

When someone suffers a serious spinal cord injury, their hopes and dreams can be dashed. The pain of knowing that, in the blink of an eye, they lost the ability to walk and may be dependent on others for the rest of their life can tear at their soul. But an orthopedic surgeon who suffered a bruised spinal cord after a bike accident is proof positive that spinal cord injury victims can regain some semblance of their former life.

Bertram Spetzler was faced with the prospect of paralysis, but he was determined to regain mobility and keep pushing forward in life. After two years of rehab, he is able to feed himself, walk with crutches, and drives a specially equipped minivan, according to the Virginian Pilot.

Is Mr. Spetzler's story typical? Unfortunately, no. Many spinal cord injury victims wind up partially paralyzed or completely paralyzed and may never walk again. But that does not discount the example he provides.

If you've suffered a serious spinal cord injury, do not give up hope. Stay determined and follow Mr. Spetzler's advice - "do the most with what you have left." 


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