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Quiz: Could you Spot All of the Necessary Elements for a Medical Malpractice Injury?

As Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC) medical malpractice injury attorneys we have successfully obtained many settlements for clients who were injured and now suffer long term consequences from a negligent doctor or nurse.  However a study commissioned by Harvard University states that tens of thousands of cases of medical malpractice go unreported each year. Many of these cases result in death or serious impairment or injury to the patient.  Which is why our personal injury law firm offers free consultations and offers a free guide that explains medical malpractice laws in easy to understand language.

Would you be able to spot which of the following scenarios contains ALL of the necessary elements for a medical malpractice case?  Take the quiz below to check your knowledge of medical malpractice injuries.

a) A physician writes a prescription for the wrong medication dosage – a dose which would be lethal to the patient. A pharmacist spots the mistake prior to the patient being given the medication.

b) A sponge is left inside a patient after surgery and is not discovered until months later. The patient needs a second surgery to remove the sponge.

c) A nurse was supposed to administer epinephrine via IM injection but mistakenly put it in the patient's IV. Nurse immediately realizes error and notifies supervisor. Patient experiences brief heart palpitations. 

d) All of the above

The answer to the quiz is “B”.  The reason is that the surgeon and his/her team owed a duty of care to the patient, that duty was breached by leaving a sponge inside the patient after surgery. The breach caused injury – the patient was now required to undergo another surgery. The surgeon's care fell below the applicable standard of care for surgeons, and the patient's injury resulted in damages (lost wages when patient couldn't work, medical bills).  Answer “a” was incorrect because the patient was never affected by the physician's mistake, and answer “c” was incorrect because the error did not result in damages.

Unfortunately, this is more than just a made-up scenario and actually happened to a client of ours.  Click here to learn about a $425,000 settlement our VA medical malpractice injury lawyers obtained for a retained surgical sponge injury.
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