Racing on U.S. 58 in Suffolk Sends Innocent Driver to Hospital

Police have filed felony street racing charges against a man who caused a rollover crash with serious injuries in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), just after 5 pm on August 1, 2016. The collision between a BMW sedan and a Jeep occurred near the weigh station on U.S. 58.



In a press release, police said that the at-fault driver had been traveling at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out traffic before clipping the Jeep. The impact flipped the Jeep, and the innocent driver sustained head and neck injuries. Those injuries were described as non-life-threatening, but the injured man was transported by helicopter to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for treatment.

Virginia law treats street racing as the most serious forms of reckless driving. Even when drivers who race on public roads do not cause accidents or inflict injuries, they can face jail time and lose their license. Hurting someone else while speeding dangrrously and changing lanes without taking sufficient precautions can bring even more serious criminal consequences.

Equally important for innocent victims of street racers, evidence collected for a criminal trial can be used to support personal injury insurance claims and civil lawsuits. Working with a dedicated and knowledgeable Virginia personal injury lawyer could help the man hurt in Suffolk access the police evidence and present it effectively to secure the compensation he needs to pay medical bills and cover other crash-related costs.


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