Railroad Companies Try to Implement Video Monitoring of Employees

The following is an excerpt from the poem, "The Prayer of the Engineers Wife."

Even though it was written over 100 years ago the poem is still befitting.  A testiment to the hard and dangerous work that railroad engineerstrainmen, brakeman/conductors and machinists do on a daily basis:

“Pray for me my dear; for all who drive the swiftly speeding train. 

Need watchful eyes, courageous heart, a steady hand and brain. 

It is no common weight the engineer must bear. 

Hundreds of lives, the hurdles great, instructed to his care.” 

Railroad employees may soon have more than their dangerous workplace to worry about.  The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended using image and audio recording technologies inside the train to scrutinize railroad employees every move.  While railroad management claims that the video cameras are mainly to protect the company and engineers if there is a railroad crossing crash, our law firm has learned of various cases where the railroads have used the video cameras or the audio as disciplinary tool against a worker.

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Instead of trying to find blame with their own employees railroad companies should implement federally mandated safety measures such as positive train control to improve safety.  As experienced Virginia and North Carolina FELA and railroad accident injury attorneys we know that the major railroad companies have been slow to adopt nationally mandated safety requirements.  

Positive Train Control or PTC, is designed to automatically stop a train before it is able to run a red signal or get itself into other dangerous situations. This is an improvement over the signaling systems that are currently in place, which are able to warn train operators of danger, but still allow the possibility of accidents.  The problem is the railroad industry has been resisting the installation of positive train control, PTC, which uses GPS tracking.


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