Railroad Derailment Accidents and Injuries Caused When Employees Forced to Work 7 Days a week

Over worked and underpaid.  Many Americans feel this way but in certain professions, such as in the railroad industry being overworked and fatigued can have terrible consequences.  Reports now show that railroad dispatchers at Metro-North were working as much as seven days a week for weeks on end during a year in which the railroad company had one fatal railroad accident and four other rail accidents including railroad derailments which can involve fire and the spill of dangerous and toxic chemicals.

Railroad dispatchers are in charge of deciding which trains use which railroad tracks.  Working employees to physical exhaustion in a life or death job is just another way railroads are bypassing safety standards in order to earn more profits.  Not only are the railroad dispatchers overworked but they don’t’ feel they get enough training said a NTSB Investigator.

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The Metro-North railroad, the second largest railroad in the country, is also lacking safety standards such as a geometry track car which can easily detect broken rails.  Recent railroad injuries and deaths include a Bronx train derailment that killed four people, two trains crashing into each other into Connecticut, and a railroad worker’s death.

As experienced Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC) railroad/FELA attorneys it has been our privilege to represent trainmen, brakeman/conductors, engineers, signalmen, machinists, maintenance-of-way-workers and railroad dispatchers that have been injured by negligence as a result of poor safety standards.  As a result, our firm is well known to thousands of railroad workers and fellow injury attorneys throughout the eastern region of the United States as a highly qualified law firm in the area of railroad injury law. 


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