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Southern Pacific Railroad Pays $6.9 Million Asbestos Cancer Verdict

A retired boilermaker who died from asbestos cancer prevailed in a mesothelioma lawsuit against Southern Pacific Railroad, winning $6.9 million in damages payable to his widow.

The mesothelioma lawsuit in California alleged that the worker was exposed to asbestos daily in his work and as a bystander at Southern Pacific Railroad in the locomotive shops in Sacramento.

He was diagnosed with asbestos cancer in 2013 and died soon after.

The lawsuit claimed that the railroad did not protect its workers from asbestos exposure for at least 15 years after it knew that the substance causes cancer. During the lawsuit, it was revealed that the California railroad had used many types of asbestos products in its locomotives and piping around its plants for 20 years.

As leading mesothelioma attorneys based in Virginia, I wish I could say that these types of cases are rare. The sad fact is that many railroads have knowingly allowed their dedicated workers to do their jobs for years in work areas infested with dangerous asbestos fibers. The regular inhalation of those fibers can lead to a horrible, incurable form of cancer that leaves the former worker with a painful, terminal illness and little hope for survival.

One of the difficulties of asbestos cancer cases is that the worker probably does not know for certain which equipment may have exposed him to asbestos. We have handled many railroad mesothelioma cases, and we have learned that if you worked in the following areas in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, you could have well been exposed to deadly asbestos:

·         Steam locomotives and boilers

·         Cabooses

·         Diesel locomotives

·         Railroad shops

·         Brake shoes

·         Railroad yard offices and buildings

Our Virginia mesothelioma attorneys know what type of equipment contains asbestos, and we know the tricks and evasions railroad will use to deny their responsibility for worker injuries. That’s why we have developed a strong success record in winning large settlements for asbestos cancer victims.

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