What Happened

In Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) police arrested a woman in connection to a hit and run that seriously injured a man on January 28, 2013.

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The driver was charged with felony hit and run after she hit a man at the intersection of North Raleigh Boulevard and Milburnie Road. Details of the accident have not yet been released but a 911 recording from a witness verifies the vehicle at the scene of the accident.

The man was taken to WakeMed and is listed in serious condition in the hospital’s neuro-intensive care unit.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

It is very fortunate there was a witness to the accident who quickly called 911. Accidents between vehicles and pedestrians usually result in serious injury, and increase in severity with the speed of the vehicle. With the information of the man being in the neuro-intensive care unit, it means he has suffered an injury to his brain, spinal cord, or nerves. This type of injury can have devastating effects in which a patient may never fully recover. Obtaining representation from an experienced North Carolina (NC) personal injury attorney will give the family the best chance to obtain possible compensation to cover all medical, rehabilitation, and recovery expenses. Unfortunately insurance companies are not on your side. They hire seasoned professionals who are masters at reducing the value of injury claims. Having an experienced and aggressive pedestrian accident attorney on your side will help you fight for your rights and get you maximum compensation for your damages and injuries.

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