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Raleigh, North Carolina Woman Struck While Catching Bus

A woman was hit by a car at the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Brentwood Road in Raleigh, North Carolina (N.C.) on Tuesday night, police said. According to investigators,a 57 year old woman was crossing Capital Boulevard to catch a city bus when she was violently struck by a car in the other lane. The extent of her injuries is unknown at this time.

Pedestrian accident injuries are usually major injuries that can include traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other injuries. The seriousness of these injuries in many cases means a lifelong injury that can need constant care and medical attention. This is a reason why compensation is important and the best possible way to obtain the compensation needed for medical care now and in the future will be with the representation of an experienced pedestrian accident attorney.

Pedestrian accidents happen out of the negligence of the driver in many cases, but in some cases they are a true accident. When the pedestrian accident is through negligence of a driver they can be held responsible for the injuries they have caused the victim.

As with all serious injury cases, it is especially crucial to seek out professional legal advice in car accident pedestrian injury cases and we have the experienced injury attorneys to evaluate your claim. Our firm is ready to assist you  in reviewing your specific situation to see if your claim meets our criteria. In North Carolina, as well as every other state, there are laws on how long you have to file a suit also. Don't hesitate, call our toll free number and get confidential legal advice.
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