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Ramen Noodle Truck Crash Caused by Driver Fatigue

A tractor trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel of his big rig near Rocky Mount, North Carolina, while hauling a trailer full of Ramen Noodles. The trailer broke open and spread noodles all over I-95 southbound.

State highway troopers stated that the truck slammed into the NC Highway 48 bridge that goes over the interstate in Nash County.

Fortunately, the driver was not hurt and he did not hit any other vehicle in this accident.

We are relieved that no one was hurt in this case of truck driver fatigue, but these cases often do not have such a happy ending. As truck accident personal injury attorneys, we have seen many tired big rig drivers seriously injure and kill innocent drivers. Big rigs account for more than 5000 deaths on American highways every year. In the state of Virginia, there were 102 fatal wrecks in 2012 involving trucks. Often this is due to drivers falling asleep behind the wheel.

We urge all truck drivers to never drive when they are tired, and to never driver more than federal regulations allow. The safety of the public is more important than driver or corporate profits.

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