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Rear-End Collision in Salisbury, NC Causes 2 Deaths, Injuries

A rear-end collision southwest of Greensboro, North Carolina (NC), on October 21, 2014, caused multiple fatalities and sent two other people to hospitals with injuries. The deadly wreck occurred at the intersection of Jake Alexander Boulevard and Morlan Park Road in the town of Salisbury. All the victims were in the car rear-ended by the truck, the driver of which escaped injury.



Two passengers riding in the backseat of the car died at the scene of the crash. A front seat passenger had to be airlifted to a hospital for lifesaving surgery, and the car's driver later went to another hospital for treatment and observation. Police determined that the man behind the wheel of the pickup had not been speeding and was not impaired by drugs or alcohol. It's unclear whether any charges will be filed in relation to the crash.

It is possible that the pickup driver became distracted in the moments before the accident. Speaking on a cell phone, checking a map, eating, adjusting the radio and just letting one's mind wander can all lead people to miss or react too late to slowing or stopped vehicles ahead of them. Another possibility could be that the driver of the car had gotten lost or confused and come to a stop inappropriately.

Regardless of which driver made the mistake that resulted in the deadly crash, the loss of life and injuries cannot be undone. Passengers depend on both the people driving them and the people operating other vehicles on the road to ensure their health and safety. As this wreck in Salisbury shows, the kinds of errors that can harm and kill innocent victims are numerous. Drivers must do all they can to avoid being negligent.


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