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Rear-End Collision in Virginia Beach Kills 1, Injures Two Near Oceana Naval Air Station

Police do not why, but a van driver failed to slow or stop while approaching a red light at the intersection of Oceana Boulevard and Bells Road in Virginia Beach, VA, on the morning of August 21, 2012. What is known is that the van slammed into the rear of a pickup truck, causing injuries that killed the man behind the wheel of the van and sent the driver and passenger from the truck to the hospital with injuries.


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The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers' Perspective

Rear-end collisions account for many of the most serious  car accident cases we handle as personal injury attorneys based in Virginia Beach. Causes of those wrecks range from speeding to distraction to medical emergencies.

The most significant word in the preceding sentence is "cause." Regardless of why an at-fault driver hits another vehicle from behind and causes injuries or deaths, there is rarely a valid and exculpatory excuse. Drivers must follow at safe distances, slow down when approaching stop lights and signs, and pay enough attention to the flow of traffic to avoid rear-end collisions.

Potentially Helpful Info

Even though the man who caused the accident near the Oceana Naval Air Station lost his life, the surviving victims could have grounds to file claims against his car insurance. We explain this and other legal rights and options for people hurt in crashes caused by other driver in this free report.


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