A rear-end accident near the Jefferson Avenue exit on I-64 in Newport News, Virginia (VA), sent two drivers to hospitals early in the morning on August 17, 2012.

The car crash occurred in a work zone, and police say that the driver of the car hit from behind had stopped in the right-hand lane of the highway to try to speak with members of the road crew. The driver of the following vehicle could not stop in time to avoid the wreck.

Details regarding the injured drivers’ conditions and whether charges would be filed were not made available to reporters.


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The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Conservatively, 99 percent of rear-end car crashes are caused by speeding, distracted or careless drivers in trailing vehicles. The interstate wreck in Newport News seems to fall into the other 1 percent of cases.

Stopping on the highway creates dangers for every other driver. Anytime a person has to stop, he or she should make every effort to get onto the shoulder and out of the lanes of traffic. Whether a driver has a mechanical failure, experiences a medical emergency, becomes lost and confused, or misses an exit, the only safe option is to pull over and deal with the situation. Blocking a travel lane should never occur to a person who values his or her safety and respects the safety of others.


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