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Rear-End Crash Caused by Semi Kills 3, Injures 6 in North Carolina

A 10-year-old died at the scene of a multivehicle accident on U.S. 52 near the town of Rural Hall in Forsyth County, North Carolina (NC), on the afternoon of October 30, 2014. The wreck also claimed the life of a young teenager and an adult. Five other people went to hospitals with injuries considered serious and life-threatening.



According to the Winston-Salem Journal, police determined that the driver of a tractor-trailer hauling sand caused the fatal accident. The trucker failed to stop his semi in time to avoid slamming into the back of a van that was standing still at the rear of a line of cars that had merged into a single lane to pass through a highway construction zone.  Reports did not indicate whether the at-fault truck driver was distracted, speeding or impaired by drugs, alcohol or lack of sleep. Each of those explanations must be considered.

People behind the wheels of big rigs can do untold damage by committing even small acts of negligence or recklessness. Truckers must remain alert to changing traffic flows and road conditions all the time. While that places a great amount of responsibility on commercial drivers, they must meet their obligations so others do not become injured or get killed.

Even in seemingly clear-cut cases of liability like this wreck in Western Carolina, though, victims may find it difficult to sort through the myriad insurance claims issues presented by policies held separately by the truck operator, the freight company, the trailer owner and the cab lessor. When their physical health and emotional recovery permits them to do so, each person whose life has forever changed following the crash should consider reaching out to an experienced Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorney to receive a free consultation on their legal rights and strategies for securing compensation.


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