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Rear End Crash Kills One in North Carolina

A rear end crash in Sanford, North Carolina left an elderly man dead and three injured.

North Carolina Highway Patrol stated that the crash happened May 15 on US 15 in Lee County, NC. A 2002 Buick driven by a 73 year-old man slammed into the rear of a Honda Civic. That wreck pushed the Civic into the path of an oncoming Toyota SUV.

The driver of the Buick perished in the wreck, and his passenger was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Two passengers in the Toyota also were injured.

We regret the loss of life in this accident. Rear end crashes are very common, and our personal injury law team has worked on many in the past decade. One of our cases involved a rear end wreck that caused the plaintiff’s head to hit the rear window. He had back injuries but nothing more. Then, the same man was in another crash where he was at fault. In that crash, his medical expenses were $5000.

The insurance company claimed that the second crash was the cause of most of his ongoing medical care. However, our legal team was able to show in court that there was no way to ascertain which crash led to the injuries. The insurance company also did not have an expert on hand to testify about the injuries in the second crash. So, that case was settled for $50,000.

In the above accident, the injured could possibly benefit from suing the estate of the Buick, as his car insurance policy could well pay for their medical costs.

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