Rear-End Hit-and-Run Collision in Gloucester Co. Injures 3

A Gloucester County, Virginia (VA), pickup truck driver compounded his error in failing to slow down for a turning vehicle by attempting to flee the scene of the resulting rear-end collision with injuries. The hit-and-run accident occurred near a church parking lot on Hayes Road between Hook Road and Mumford View Drive on May 31, 2016.



The woman driving the car hit from behind was hospitalized, as were two of the people in the pickup. In addition to driving on after striking the smaller vehicle, the man behind the wheel of the truck ran away on foot. Police located him within minutes, however, and took into custody. Charges are pending.

All drivers have a legal duty to stop when they get involved in a crash. Trying to escape legal consequences and insurance problems by leaving the site of a crash only makes matters worse. In this Gloucester County rear-ender, what may have been a ticket for failure to yield, speeding or distracted driving became a criminal matter. The at-fault driver's poor decision also temporarily left the woman he hit and individuals in his own pickup without much needed first aid.

My Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues and I applaud law enforcement officials for finding the negligent and thoughtless driver without undue delay. Their quick response makes holding the man accountable for both violating the hit-and-run law and for settling insurance claims for inflicting injuries.


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