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Reckless Driving Leads to Serious Injuries on I-295

The driver of a Dodge Charger lost control of his vehicle and veered off Interstate 295 (I-295) in Hopewell, Virginia (VA) onto another street 70 feet away. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end to this awful incident. The Charger wound up getting hit by a Ford Taurus that was owned by the City of Hopewell, according to

Three people suffered injuries in the accident. The driver of the Taurus suffered very serious injuries including a fractured neck. An injury like that could take months to fully recuperate from.

The at-fault driver was charged with reckless driving for failure to maintain proper control of their vehicle. We don't know what exactly caused the driver to veer off the road. Were they distracted in some way? We do know speed was a factor. We'll learn more once the accident report is released.

This car wreck highlights the fundamental principle of maintaining a safe driving speed and being vigilant at all times while you're behind the wheel. Maybe if the at-fault driver had exercised a bit more caution, this crash would not have happened. Unfortunately, we'll never know for sure.


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